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                BID INFORMATION
                MOU signed on the cooperation of a hydroelectric power station... 2020-01-03
                A successful signing of projec for mining and ancillary works... 2020-01-03
                African resources and environment research center (African think tank) ... 2019-12-24
                President of the romanian association of building contractors... 2019-12-16
                SDWP won the honorary title of "municipal excellent water... 2019-10-17
                SDWP won the QC group competition... 2019-10-12
                Opening ceremony of Gandharbpur water plant project... 2019-10-11
                Mr.JIA Baoli visit the Gandharbpur Intake project... 2019-10-10
                Work meeting of DESWSP project department... 2019-10-02
                Culture More
                Shuifa Construction group participate the
                Flood and drought control emergency rescue
                SDWP launched "World Water Day...
                Iron Roses spirit exhibition-SDWP Organized...
                Bangladesh Nuclear Power Plant Dredging
                The Sixtieth Anniversary Ceremony of SDWP
                SDWP Comes to Red Flag Apartment for the ...
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                Enterprise Profile More
                     Shandong Water Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Water Construction" or "the Company") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shuifa Group

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                AddNo. Ten East Road, 33399 Shuifa tower, Ji'nan (The intersection of ten East Road and Tang Ye Xi Road)    Tel:+86 0531 80876106    E-mail:sdwpieco@126.com